An individual who loves to study is a Student no matter in what phase of life he is and every student has the same level of fear of examinations, for example: If a 50-year-old man who loves to study more and more appears in an examination the feeling of that 50-year-old man will be as same as the other students of any age has.Examinations are a type of Time Bomb which explodes on its given time, know it is solely on the individual that he or she has made necessary adjustment or preparations to deal with it.

In this blog, we are going to discuss some of the toughest examinations that are held all over the world.And also become aware that how much a human mind is capable, either a person of average I.Qcan clear these insane examinations or not.

Most Toughest Examination List All Over The World:

Some of the toughest examinations are as under:


Gaokao is one of the toughest exams, it is a higher education entrance exam in China and was created in 1953 and it is rank on number 5th in the list of toughest examinations.An Individual who has a desire to take admission in the undergraduate course he or she must have to give this exam.A subject that is tested in this insane exam changes incrementally time to time, but some of the compulsory subjects that are being tested from the beginning are Chinese, Mathematics and foreign language (usually English).After knowing the compulsory subject first thing that comes to our mind is that every examination system test these subjects except Chinese but trust me the level of this examination system is way beyond from our imagination.

 4.Graduate Record Examination (GRE):

Graduate Record Examination ranked number 4th due to its difficulty level, likewise Gaokao it is also an entrance test for admission in Graduate Schools in United States Of America.It is conducted by Educational Testing Service, GRE examination was created in 1949.As the current era is the era of technology, so the Educational Testing Service Department conduct this test on computer.And the list of the subject that are examined in GRE are Biology, chemistry, maths and English literature.

3.Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA):

Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) exams have three level and it is ranked on number third because it has most difficult exams and you can guess the difficulty level by knowing that it has the passing ratio of only 35 to 40 percent of all three levels.And the second proof CFA has the toughest exams is that in the world of billion people, there are mere 150 thousand people who are able to complete this program and they are working all over the world.On completing this course individual is reward with the title of CFA CHARTER and he becomes the holder of CFA CHARTER.

 2.All Souls Prize Fellowship Exams:

Souls Prize Exams has that powerful difficulty level that it is just like a horror movie to students.The most interesting thing about this exam is that an individual who clears there exams is given fellowship at Oxford University as a prize of clearing it.This exam is conducted by Oxford University in September, every year only two students are selected for the prize perhaps not only the prize but a very expensive prize that is a fellowship in one of the prestigious university in the world.

1.Master Sommelier Diploma Exams:

Master Sommelier Diploma Exams the toughest exam in the world and it ranks on number one in respect of this difficulty level.First Master Sommelier Exams was conducted in England, by the Court Of Master Sommeliers.Master sommelier exams consist of four level introduction, certified, advance and master advanced sommelier.In all over the world, there are mere 200 people who are able to achieve successes in all four levels of Master Sommelier Diploma, the passing ratio is just 7 percent and now they are providing their services in 134 different countries.An individual who clears all four levels are able to apply for membership in Court Of Master Sommelier, which is a very proud moment for him.

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