Education is the thing that can not be completed under any circumstances, whether the education is about any small thing like Ant (Insect) or it is about any huge thing like any planet in our solar system, as we start to study about anything the more it becomes explore and give birth to thousands of questions in our mind and we carry on our research to answer those questions and the path of education become wider and wider.

In this contemporary world, there are many fields to study and research, out of all these fields there is one field known as Chartered Accountancy. Chartered Accountancy is one of the prestigious education filed in a modern era. Almost, 25 countries in the world provide the education of Chartered Accountancy. However, the first Professional Accounting Body was originated in Scotland in 1854.

Now the Question is where the Chartered Accountant receives the most appealing salary packages in the world. To answer this question we have made this article, so the people who are planning to become a future Chartered Accountant can easily be aware that how much he or she will be able to receive remuneration from different countries.

10 Key Countries For Accounting Profession:

The following list of the countries is the answer to your question, that which country provide warmest remuneration packages.

 10. Romania:

Romania ranked on numbered 10th one of the reason for this position is a low living cost in Romania. In 2005 Romania adopted IFRS ( International Financing Reporting Standards) and in 2009 ICAEW launched its Chartered Accountancy qualification in Romania. The hourly rate of salary in Romania is 22 lei which is equal to almost 5 dollars according to current rates. If one work 240 hours monthly, he would receive approximately 1200 dollars monthly.

9. United Arab Emirates:

UAE is one of the most powerful developing countries in the modern world and it would be justifiable to say, that they have largest tourism industry among all over the countries. The average monthly remuneration of a Chartered Accountant is AED 8000 to AED 10,000 per month which is almost 2,200 dollars monthly.

8. Singapore:

Singapore economy is one of a most developed economy in the world and it has been ranked at number 7th in the list of a least corrupt economy. The average salary of a Chartered Accountant in Singapore 48 thousand dollars annually but it depends upon the skills and experience on an individual that can make grow the annual salary up to 280 thousand dollars (including annual bonuses and incentive).

7. Malaysia:

Likewise, Economy of Singapore the economy of Malaysia is also a developed economy and it is the 3rd largest economy in the continent of Southeast Asia. The average salary of the Chartered accountant in Malaysia is RM 116600 per year which is equal to 27 thousand dollars per year and it can be increased up to 250 thousand dollars solely depends upon the skills of an individual.

6. China And Hong Kong:

It is no doubt China and Hong Kong have developed themselves massively in just a few years and China is becoming the 1st largest developed economy in South Asia. The average salary of Chartered Accountant in China is CNY 127 thousand which can increase up to CNY 270 per year which is equal to approximately 40 thousand dollars per year.

 5. Australia:

No doubt the Australian Economy is one of the Mix markets developed an economy, earning in Australia is the dream of every individual where one can earn high with the beautiful environment. The average salary of a Chartered Accountant is approximately 71 thousand dollars per year.

4. Mauritius:

Mauritius has adopted IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standard) in 2001. The average salaries of Chartered Accountant are 66 thousand Mauritian Rupee per month.

3. Vietnam:

The economy of Vietnam is forty-seventh largest economy in the whole world. The average salaries of Chartered Accountants are 69 Million Vietnamese Dongs per month.

2. Switzerland:

What to say about Switzerland it’s like a part of heaven in the world not just the atmosphere of Switzerland is beautiful but also the economy of it is a most stable economy in the world. The average Chartered Accountant salary in Switzerland is 150 thousand dollars per year, Now that is something a huge amount.

1. Pakistan:

Pakistan is one of the under developing country and the best place for earning for a Chartered Accountants because a living cost of an individual is quite low as compared to UAE, Singapore, Australia and Malaysia.  According to the Salary Survey by ICAEW, Average salaries of Chartered Accountant in Pakistan is $31,331 per year that is equal to 3.4 Million rupees per year.


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  1. You are saying Pakistanis are earning approximately 280,000/- per month, this is not the case here on the top of the line we are earning upto maximum 200,000/- per month only.

    1. It depends upon the skills of an individual how much he earn. Our website has just cited an average income of a chartered accountant…

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