computer photoEducation is one the main tool that creates differentiation between the humans and animals, it plays a vital role in making humans life much more easier and enhances the capability of your mind, it also gives us a new dimension to think and explore different things.In this blog we are going to discuss one of the roots of education, out of thousands of roots, that is accountancy perhaps not only accountancy but the Chartered Accountancy.

Chartered Accountancy is one of the prestigious and remarkable fields of education to join.Every country has his own Professional Bodies of Chartered Accountancy which has a prime of the objective to making monetary policies, that are beneficial in the national interest of there respective countries.And after that, it has the secondary objective to promote and increase the proficiency of people/citizens of the country regarding the knowledge of Accountancy.

Top 5 Chartered Accountancy Institution In the World:

There are more than 50 professional bodies all over the world that offers Chartered Accountancy course. But following is the list of Professional bodies that offers best Chartered Accountancy course all over the world:

5. The Institute Of Chartered Accountants Of Canada (ICAC):

The Institute Of the Chartered Accountants of Canada (ICAC) is national professional accountancy body of Canada, ICAS provides a wide range of services for employers, education institutions and community agencies. Its headquarter is situated in Ontario AgriCentre.

 4. Institute Of Chartered Accountants Ireland (ICAI):

Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ireland is the Professional Accountancy body of Ireland, it was established by Royal Charter on 14th May 1888, it is the second oldest Institute of Chartered Accountancy after ICAEW in Europe. It has more than 25,000 members globally. The current president of ICAI is Shauna Greely, Chartered Accountants Ireland is governed by a Council and it is responsible for determining policy and monitoring its implementation.

3.Institute Of Chartered Accountant in Australia (ICAA):

ICAA is the professional accountancy body operates in Australia,it was established in 1928, likewise SAICA it is also a very old operating Accountancy Body. But it has approximately 60 thousand members providing there services all over the world, know the figures of 60 thousand is really huge as compared to ICAP and SAICA. It became the member of International Federation Of Accountancy (IFAC) in the year 1977. One of interesting fact of ICAA is that in 2013 Institute of Chartered Accountant and Institute of Chartered Accountant New Zealand was consented to become a one single institute, and know it is the Institute Of Chartered Accountancy of Australia and New Zealand.

 2.The American Institute Of Certified Public Accountant (AICPA):

AICPA is the national accountancy body of United States Of America, it was established in 1887 older than the SAICA, its headquarter is situated in New York. It has approximately 418 thousand members, know that is something very very huge number, providing services in almost 150 different countries in industrial and as well as business sectors. AICPA is affiliate with Institute of Chartered Accountant Of Caribbean.

1.Institute Of Chartered Accountancy In England And Wales (ICAEW):

Institute of chartered accountancy in England and Wales is the leading professional accountancy bodies not only in United Kingdom, but it is recognized around all over the world. It was established in 1880 oldest among all accountancy bodies, it has about 150 thousands members serving their services all over the world.It also became the member of International Federation of Accountant in 1977. ICAEW is the only institute which has affiliate with more than 10 countries professional bodies which includes ICAP, SAICA etc.Once ICAEW tried to amalgamate with Chartered Institute of Management Accountant (CIMA), but it was a totally a failed project and lots money of wasted on that project.

NOTE: If you have read the article on Top 5 Chartered Accountancy Institution In World do let us know your reviews in the comment section below and if you want to share some information that will be useful to amend in the article do let us.And if you are a student of Chartered Accountancy also tell us from which professional body you are doing..

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