Chartered Accountancy is one of the toughest qualifications in the world, not every single person is capable to attempt and clear the papers of CA. But students who are able to clear papers of CA are not from any other planet or they don’t have the extraordinary brain skills of Enistine, they are just every like every other average single person. But then the question is how they are able to clear papers of CA??

Well in this article we have research on some of the critical problems that become the obstacle in the success of a Student in Chartered Accountancy Examination, perhaps these problems are not hurdles for CA students it can be a problem for any field student.

13 Reasons For Being Failure in Chartered Accountancy Exams:

  1. No proper planning and time management skills. (Don’t waste time otherwise the time will suck you)
  2. Busy in asking/arranging study plan and timetable.
  3. Wrong selection of books and ignorance of study material given by the Institute.
  4. Confuse between attempting the number of papers.
  5. Poor presentation skills.
  6. Inappropriate guidance and unsolicited guidance form every random person.
  7. No self-awareness and no proper assessment and analysis.
  8. Not practising by writing the proper format.
  9. More of advice and less of its implementations.
  10. No analysis of previous mistakes.
  11. Tension, panic, frustration, depression etc.
  12. No proper time allocation for revisions.
  13. Less importance is given to theory portion of the practical papers.

“All of us don’t have equal talent. But, all of us have equal opportunities to develop our talents.”

If we work on your mistakes and weaknesses, it is possible that we can turn our failure into success. Nobody in this world has ever achieved anything by giving up. So don’t be disheartened with your failure, as a failure is one step forward towards your success.

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