“A recipe has no soul, you as the cook must bring soul to recipe”

If we elaborate this quote, according to it the method of making any food does not make it delicious but the passion and effort of a person making it make food delightful. In this article, we are going to expose bizarre foods that eaten in different parts of the world.

List Of Bizarre foods 2017:

Following is the “list of bizarre foods 2017”:

1.Fried Spider:

In Cambodia, a town of Skuon has the speciality of making “Fried Spider” as a snack that attracts tourist. Only special type of spiders such as Tarantulas is used in making to this dish. This dish is prepared by marinating Tarantulas by Mono-sodium Glutamate, sugar and salt than frying it in hot deep oil.

 In the picture, you can see “Tarantula” which is used to make this dish because it is large in size as compared to other breeds of spider and has more meat than other spiders.

2.Kangaroo Meat:

What is the first thing that comes to our mind when we think about Australia?? Obviously, kangaroos, because they are in very wide range in Australia, as the national animal of Australia, is also a Red Kangaroo. It seems really weird that Australian people love to eat kangaroo meat. kangaroo meat is high protein and has low fats, it tastes similar to buffalo meat. Although, some of the animal caring groups in Australia are against the hunting of kangaroos for their meat.

3.Crocodile Meat:

Any normal person who sees’s crocodile head, legs or any part of the body for lunch or dinner, he will be shocked or will stop eating the meat of any animal in his entire life. But you will be astounded to know that crocodile meat is not just eaten but it is one of the favourite dishes in a different part of the world which includes Australia, Southeast Asia and Africa. There is a different method of cooking the meat either by deep frying in hot oil or by marinating. Crocodile meat is used in making dishes such as “GUMBO”.


Balut is a developing bird in egg usually a “DUCK”, it is cooked by boiling the egg and then eaten from the shell. I know you feel disgusting to read that but trust me you will be shocked after knowing that it is the common street food in the Philippines and also a popular dish in Vietnam. This dish is often served with different beverages such as beers.

5.Fried Brain Sandwiches:

In some part of United States particularly in Ohio, a hamburger with some french fries and beverage are served, but this hamburger is not like other hamburgers this is made of the brain.Not just the brain of buffaloes, cows or goats but it is the brain of pigs that is heavily buttered and fried in deep oil. Previously, this dish did not belong to the United States it was brought by German and Holland immigrants, who were against eliminating any waste of an animal. I have a friend lives in Ohio river valley, he has witnessed that how much people there are crazy for this food.Can not say I have a stomach for this dish.

Note: If you have read the list of bizarre foods in 2017, do let me know your reviews about these dishes, that you have the guts to try out any one of them or not. If you want me to write about more bizarre foods or any other topics you are free to tell me, I will try my best to write about it and let you make aware of.

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