Religion is a thing that provides identification to their followers, provide a path to follow and tell them what is the purpose of their life. But following any religion does not mean that you only have to follow what is being told to you, but being religious means a proof of life, nature and existences of human in right way.

Ranking Of Religions in 2018:

Ranking of religions in 2017 are as follow:


Sikhism religion was founded by “GURU NANAK” in between 1469-1539 AD. This religion is completely based on the teaching of “GURU NANAK”. The ‘GURU GRANTH SAHIB’ is the holy script of the Sikhs and considered as a living Guru. Sikhism has approximately 20 million followers all over the world which is 4% of the total population. Most of they live in Punjab(India). And you will be astonished to know that second highest majority in the population of “CANADA” are Sikhs and they can be identified easily because they have a ritual of wearing the turban (Pagri) on their heads and they offer their prayers in there Holy Place know as GURDWARA.


Buddhism was founded by “SIDDHARTHA GAUTAMA ” who is also known as a BUDDHA. It was first originated in ancient India somewhere between 4th to 6th centuries from where it spreads in East Asia, but later in middle age, it was declined in India. The followers of “BUDDHISM” are known as Buddhist and their Holy scripture is known as “The Tripitaka”. According to contemporary research, there are 400 million followers of Buddhism, approximately 7% of total percentage. And most of them are in the countries of South Asia and East Asia which includes Burma, Sri-Lanka and Thailand.


Practically if we see HINDUISM is not just one religion, but it is the mixture of different sub-religions. In every religion other than HINDUISM, the followers of it worship a single God or follow the teaching of its founders just like in Sikhism and Buddhism, but in case of Hinduism, there are more than 50 Gods including (Sheri Ram, Hanuman etc). It is the third largest religion in the world having 1 billion followers approximately 15% of total population. And almost 78% of total Hindus live in South Asia country India and remaining lives all over the world. The Holy scripture of Hindus is known as “VEDAS” which means the knowledge and poems on RAMA and SITA.


ISLAM is the second biggest religion which is been following the people and the followers of it are know as MUSLIMS (Musalma). It was originated in the city of Mecca (Makkah) which is in Saudia Arabia. The followers of Islam is almost 1.6 billion which is approximately 23% of the total population in the world. In ISLAM it followers strictly believe on following conditions:

  1. They believe that there is only one God (Allah Talah).
  2. Accept the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) as the last messenger of Allah.
  3. Believes on the judgment day.
  4. Accept the Quran as the Holy book of Allah Talah.
  5. Follow the Sunnah(the acts done by the Holy Prophet Muhammad <Peace Be Upon Him> is known as-Sunnah)

Most interesting fact about ISLAM is that their followers do not belong to any specific country like Hindus only belong to India etc. In the whole world, there are around 50 Muslim countries including all small and huge countries. And about 62% of total Muslims lives in Asia and in Muslims there are two major communities SUNNI and SHIA and both communities offer prayers five times a day in their Holy Places, SHIA offers prayers in IMAM BARGAH and SUNNI offers prayers in MUSJID.


CHRISTIANITY is oldest and the popular religion on the planet.It was originated somewhere in between 27 to 28 AD in Roman-occupied Jerusalem, which is know the capital of Israel. There are around 2.3 billion followers of it which are approximately 32% of the total population on the planet. The followers of Christianity is known as CHRISTEN and their Holy Book of is BIBLE. Christen follows the instruction of Jesus Christ and they have faith that Jesus Christ is the son of God, the Holy places where they offer prayers is known as Church.

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