“Popular culture is a place where pity is called compassion, flattery is called love, propaganda is called knowledge, tension is called peace, gossip is called news and auto-tune is called singing”

What does culture mean??

Culture can be defined as language, norms, values, traditions etc it is a combination of the different elements that affect how people think, how they act and how they own.No one is complete without it, in fact, an individual can be a part of many cultures or subcultures. For example, a person lives in Northern areas of Pakistan he would be a part of a National culture and might also be the part of northern area culture(subculture) as well.
Every country has his own national culture by which it is recognized on International Platforms.But in this article, we are going to discuss some of the bizarre cultural practices that are happening in some various part of the world.

Three Most Bizarre Cultural Practices:-

1: Living With The Dead: 

The Toraja people of Indonesia practice a truly singular ritual of exhuming the corpses of their fellow villager. But it does not end there: the corpse is draped in special fabric and paraded around the village. The ritual is mainly carried out in order to clean the corpse, their garments and coffins and ceremonially return the corpse to their homes village. That is, if someone died outside the village, the corpse will be taken to the spot of death then walked back to the village as an act of returning home.

In the first picture, you can clearly see that how corpses are taken out of their coffin and he is dressed up to return to their home.in the second picture, the garments he is wearing shall be returned to their home on his death, the Toraja people consider it that he is returned to home after his death.
2.Kayan Ring Neck Culture:-
This culture is practised in Thailand and Africa tribes. In this culture, a BRASS RINGS are coiled around the neck of women since 5 years of the age. It gradually Elongates the neck. In these tribes, this is considered as a sign of beauty. However, some of their people consider it as an insane fashion and they say that it must be prohibited.
In 2006 some of the younger women Moe Hong Son start removing the rings from their neck and start protesting against their extremely insane culture. In 2008 most of the women entered the refugee camp and start removing their rings. One woman who has worn the ring from 40 years also removed the rings after removing the ring she reports discomfort which fades after three days of removing the rings. The government of Myanmar begin discouraging the rick neck culture as it struggled to appear more contemporary in the developed world.

3.Bullet Ant Gloves:-


The most painful initiation ritual for Satere Mawe tribe ritual of Amazon, according to this ritual one can not become a man until he has not taken part in this. When a boy becomes sexually mature he goes to jungle with a medicine man and a fellow young boy to find bullet ants. The stings of these ants are compared from the bullet hitting the flash. When the ants are found, they are drugged by the medicine man and then the ants are placed into woven mash gloves. When the ants wake up the found themselves trap and in try to get free they sting in the hands of a man whose hands are in the gloves. The young man wears the gloves 20 times in 10 minutes performing a dance while angry ants sting to him.

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